Friday, September 4, 2009


Look at the happy insurance companies.
Why are they smiling?
The old conspiracy theories have created a fearful few.
Ah, feel the fear from the fairy tales.
To think...death panels.
Really frightening.
Just what is a death panel?
Where exactly are these death panels?
Apparently, the beloved public option is dead. Kaput!
Now...somebody has to clean up the poop.

Do not cry about it later when YOU can not pay your hospital bills.
Your insurance has become unaffordable.
Your insurance turns you down.
Your insurance denies you coverage for a needed treatment.
Your insurance premiums are just too high.
You are dropped because you get seriously ill.
Not to mention, you have been laid off from your $20.00/hr job
and are now making $10.00/hr,
and your wife has breast cancer.
Without insurance.
But hey! If you go bankrupt...
Well, that's okay.

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